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What is FractalMed

FractalMed is an analysis system of magnetic resonance imaging which allows values of brain fractal dimension to be obtained and lead to an early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. It can also be shown as a system, object of assessment of the brain structure —biomarker —throughout the course of the disease.

The project focuses on performing the key validation steps to be introduced as a standard diagnosis

FractalMed will allow an early intervention and subsequently further decrease the number of outbreaks, improving the patient’s quality of life, resulting in a reduction in the health cost related to multiple sclerosis.


How FractalMed works

FractalMed is a Computer Assisted Diagnostics system (CAD), based on the use of an algorithm that analyzes the magnetic resonance brain imaging and transforms them into Quantitative Parameters of Fractal Geometry, which shows a good correlation with the early diagnosis of the Multiple Sclerosis and its development.

FractalMed software calculates the fractal dimension of the grey and white brain matter in 2D and 3D both of the object and the frame.

To this effect, it uses segmented magnetic resonance images separated between grey and white matter, and cerebrospinal fluid of any type of sequence. And it performs an anonymize and confidential analysis on the cloud according to the Spanish and European regulation of medical imaging management (HIPAAA)

The method is founded on the existing correlation between the complexity of the shape of an object and its fractal dimension, and it has been adapted from original scale to 3D.

FractalMed transforms them into quantitative parameters of fractal geometry, which shows a good correlation with the early diagnosis of the Multiple Sclerosis