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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your device when accessing to some websites. Cookies allow us, amongst other things, to store and back-up data related to the surfing habits of the user or the computer, and it can be used to recognize the user, depending on the obtained data and the way the computer is used.

Cookies are important for the functioning of the Internet, providing many advantages in the interactive services, facilitating navigation and the use of our website.

What type of cookies we use?

In addition to our own browsing cookies, we also use different tools that help us to give you a much more personalized service by using cookies, such as:

  • Google Analytics
Can you control cookies?

You have the possibility to configure your browser settings to ensure you are informed about the use of cookies, as well as how to prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer.

How do you configure the cookie settings?

Below we provide you with links of different browsers where you can change the configuration.