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What is FractalMed
FractalMed is the first medical software to enable early detection of multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases.

FractalMed automates the process to obtain fractal dimension values to directly characterize the structure of interest from the brain magnetic resonance.

FractalMed it is formed by a panel of experts in magnetic resonance, neuroscience, computer and software development, applied mathematics and artificial intelligence

Fractal technology for medical use

Application areas FractalMed
Detection of brain disorder in brain resonance imaging in normal appearing
Application in MRI related to Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson and other neurodegenerative pathologies.
Monitoring the evolution of Multiple Sclerosis
Detection of changes in normal brain aging
Detection of brain disorder in prematures
Monitoring the evolution of brain tumors
FractalMed it will allow an early intervention and subsequently further decrease the number of outbreaks, improving the patient’s quality of life, resulting in a reduction in the health cost related to Multiple Sclerosis.

Project phases

Project status FractalMed

FractalMed has already conducted the concept test proving in a cohort of patients that the Fractal Dimension can be applied as a helpful criterion for the early Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.


Preclinical exploratory


Platform development


Prior regulatory validation


CE and FDA certification


News and publications
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    Brain complexity and damage in patients with multiple sclerosis using fractal analysis
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    FRACTAMLED  |   17 October 18
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    Fractalmed enters the acceleration program of the BBK "Mundualdatu" [Spanish]
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    FRACTAMLED  |   20 September 18
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    A Web platform for the interactive visualization and analysis of the 3D fractal dimension
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    FRACTAMLED  |   18 May 18